“Sticks in a bundle are


—Kenyan Proverb


Linda Baer and Brent Payne came together with a vision:

We saw that combining our expertise in education and personal development would lead people to happier and healthier lifestyles. We realized that sharing our mutual affinity for financial freedom and endless adventure would allow anyone to become the best version of themselves.

Thus, VIM was born. The word itself defines the way we live our own lives. Robust, enthusiastic. An energetic spirit. Powerful. A capacity to develop and grow.

We felt that we could impact the entire world by sharing what we had already achieved. Why can’t everybody have an opportunity to make money and live a fulfilling life, full of positivity and vigor? With VIM, now they can. Right out of the gate.

What would be possible if the people around you refused to let you fail? As a group, that is what we stand for! We stand and support the success of each individual within VIM. We stand for better relationships, achieving goals, creating time freedom and enabling people to make more money than they ever thought possible. We want you living in the now, always present and purpose driven. Giving up is not in our vocabulary. As a group, as a community we will succeed.

To that end we embrace a culture where we:

Invest in positive people who support our goals. With VIM you are surrounded by those who challenge you, support you and make you a better person and help you move forward powerfully.

Persist—despite the odds, the naysayers and the obstacles. We won’t take “no” as an answer and have become experts in exerting multiple attempts until we get what we desire.

Encourage the Power of Now, by taking massive action that moves you closer to your goals and values. Push yourself right now! You might as well start somewhere and it might as well be now!

““The moment you value yourself the


—Harbhajan Singh Yogi


Our core values become the guiding principles of our company, our organization and our community.

Integrity – As the respect and value you command increases you become more influential, inspirational and motivational to others with your actions. You become a positive example for all to emulate. Demonstrate integrity by doing what you say you are going to do, being positive in your actions, helping others, making them feel good about themselves and making positive choices in your life.

Gratitude – Live with a deep sense of appreciation for those around us, for our health, and well-being. Also we acknowledge that the difficult times we’ve endured, only made us stronger, better and more resilient. We offer thankfulness for everything coming our way and seek joy in the simple things in life.

Authenticity – We accept our strengths and weaknesses while holding ourselves 100% accountable for all our actions. Becoming genuine and real, with ourselves and others, allows us to connect deeply because it requires transparency and vulnerability.

“The telling of your stories


—Sam Keen


Let’s face it, we both come from from very diverse backgrounds. Early on, Brent Payne dropped out of high school to pursue a career as a professional rock star. Traveling the world on tour and recording in the studio was his life. Observing and interacting with people from all cultures and countries led to his abiding love and respect for the inherent goodness in people. He honed that experience into a 20-year career as a strategist for personal and professional development. His specialty: helping people look at life from a completely different perspective in order to over-achieve both personally and financially.

Linda Baer was a straight A student who went right from college into a high-flying position in corporate America. She monitored product strategy and measured opportunities, while carefully searching for the right opening to start her own company. Soon Linda launched an extremely successful medical education company. After a marriage and a baby girl, she was looking for a way to cut travel and spend more time with the family when tragedy struck. She lost her husband right before her eyes in a diving accident.

It was during this difficult time that she met Brent who helped her see that life could still be vibrant and fulfilling. Soon they found that their diverse backgrounds had much more in common than meets the eye. As Linda tells it, “We’ve already had great success in our respective businesses and have had the lifestyle and time freedom benefits that it afforded. When Brent and I got to talking, we realized that having a breakthrough into a six figure income is not the impossible dream that deters most people from chasing their true desires. Our mission was formed around a vision of helping millions of people all over the world to wake up and start living the life they’ve always wanted.”

According to Brent, “VIM was founded as a community service. It’s our way of showing others how to live an amazing, fulfilling life. Seeing people win is our passion, it’s who we are. We believe that everyone is capable of higher achievement and with VIM’s scientifically-proven technology, people are able to climb to a level of fulfillment that even they never thought possible.”


Our team of collaborators responsible for the concept, construction, content and continuity of VIM is way too large to name individually. Sometimes it’s speakers who have inspired millions with their inspirational message. We can be found in labs consulting with brain scientists who help formulate programs for breaking bad habits. There is coding going on in Utah or video shoots in Bali. We work with recording professionals in a studio in Arizona and event coordinators in Mexico. The point is we are a global operation that relies on the teamwork of indispensable and talented contributors and we are indebted to them for their contributions in turning our vision of VIM into reality.

“The truth is that teamwork

is at the heart of


—John C. Maxwell

“For it is in giving


—St. Francis of Assisi


Returning our own good fortune back to our communities (and to the world) is one of the most important things we can do as individuals.

At VIM, we are committed to giving back through tireless humanitarian efforts.

True giving is performed with no intended benefit to ourselves. We contribute out of the goodness of our hearts. That doesn’t mean that we derive nothing in return. Giving deeply connects us with others and enlightens us to alternate perspectives. Research shows that giving to charity makes us happier and healthier too.

To that end, VIM has pledged to not only give back to our own communities, but also to identify issues and contribute to those most in need in the locations where we host our live events.

As part of our program we also encourage our affiliates toward random acts of kindness where ever they may be. It’s like dropping a pebble into a lake. The waves radiate outward. The good vibes and happiness from even small actions, come back to us in the form of a better world. And creating a better world is what we are all about.