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This is a real treat! Literally a retreat to the inside to facilitate your maximum spirituality, self-expression and wellness. Leave your worries behind and pack only your trust and best intentions.

Vim Elite Retreats unfold in exotic and intimate boutique settings where daily inspiration will be staring you in the face. Yes, you’ll have toes in the sand and life-altering experiences you’ll never forget. Yes and more yes! Still, the moment-by-moment delights and discovery will give way to a grand reevaluation that expand your horizons beyond anything you previously thought possible.

The three days will be shared with a select group that coalesce around the concept that true connection and content are the determining factor in an enlightened life force. Starting at $1000, these once in a lifetime journeys of empowerment can range to the $10,000 level. One thing for sure, when you return, you’ll never be the same.

Fill your heart, trust your soul, smile endlessly and just say yes to an adventure of a lifetime!

Tucked along the crystal blue shores of the Yucatan Peninsula, Tulum is the birthplace of a new civilization. The Mayans made it the cradle of a dynamic society. And so it’s the perfect place for the VIM elite to renew and expand the parameters of possibilities in our own society, family, core group of friends and within ourselves.

Heal and rejuvenate your spirit. Find your vibe, your tribe. This is the place to uncover your true purpose. You’ll be inspired to live a life of intention, presence, kindness, leadership and love. You’ll be giggling with childlike playfulness and exhilarating discovery. Several experiences will be the first of your life, but probably not the last. After three days in this amazing place, surrounded by beautiful souls and startling revelations, you will raise your frequency to a new level.

Vim Elite Retreat is nothing less than your rebirth waiting to happen.