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The first thing you’ll notice is how

beautifully realized

the VIM Signature events feel. It starts with an intriguing North American location and beautiful invitation. You’re probably headed to a tropical beach or a fun-filled resort. Upon arrival, feel the warm wave of love that washes over you as the VIM community welcomes you with open arms. And you just got here!

Now prepare to be blown away. Wait, that already happened because the hefty commission you received for every ticket you sold means you already leave the house feeling like a million bucks.


Look, our community primarily supports each other on-line, so when our affiliates converge from around the world to a bucket-list event location, there is an atomic release of energy and emotion that is breathtaking.

Signature Vim Events

range from a one-day blow outs to weekend retreats, all utilizing speakers, personal interaction, a feast of audio and visual excitement and our hyper-transformation technology that ensures you have the ability to erase any negatives in your life and surmount all the obstacle to your ultimate success.

Depending on your desired level of luxury and optimal seating options, tickets for these events range from as low as $600 and top out at only $3000. One thing for sure, you’ll

get more than your money’s worth.