The first thing you’ll notice is how

beautifully realized

the VIM Transform events feel. It starts with an intriguing location and beautiful invitation. You’re most likely heading to a tropical beach or a fun-filled resort. Upon arrival, feel the warm wave of love that washes over you as the VIM community welcomes you with open arms. And you just got here!


Look, our community primarily supports each other on-line, so when our members converge from around the world to a bucket-list event location, there is an atomic release of energy and emotion that is breathtaking.

This is what we are perhaps best known for. Ask around. VIM founder, Brent Payne, puts on events that are notorious for having just the right amount of mentoring from the best speakers anywhere, deep community sharing and mastermind opportunities, eye-popping experiences, crazy-fun parties, out-of-your-comfort-zone challenges and exotic locations that turn into lifelong memories. You have never seen anything like our events. You come away as if you’ve been dipped in water and restored to your most vital you.

Transform is truly an off the chart 3-day personal development event which we conduct two times per year and we have to say this is where the magic happens. Brent Payne has been conducting events like this all over the world for nearly 20 years and they flat-out change lives. There’s something about being in a beautiful location with powerful likeminded people from within the VIM Community. You will create prosperous relationships which will last a lifetime!

Transform Live, always held at the best resorts in exotic locations around the world, is where the VIM E Series comes to life.

VIM Transform is an incredible live event combining exciting presentations with ground-breaking participation in scientific experiments, physical challenges, music participation and break-out study groups that will prove you really are unstoppable! With a crystal clear understanding of your life's challenges and how to transform them, your empowerment will be complete and unbelievable. Oh, and did we mention we have fun!? There scientific proof that you actually learn more and retain the information better when you're having fun and we think it’s safe to say we are the leading experts in having a great time!! It all starts with a beautiful welcome reception and wraps with a themed farewell Gala which always promises to be a memorable evening!

Those who attend the VIM Transform Live Events never view life the same again!

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